Learn While You Work...An Immersive and Onsite Hands-On Workshop for Corporate and Government Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and R&D Managers

Overview: This 3-day onsite computational chemistry workshop is designed to introduce your scientific staff to the latest methods, protocols and software employed in modern molecular modeling. The workshop is specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of corporate and government scientists, engineers, technicians and R&D managers. At the same time, there is no sacrifice of academic rigor. Applications in engineering, water treatment, medicine, biology, materials and the environment are covered.Schedule your workshop today...Click the icon to get started:

Why You Need to Schedule this Workshop:
Because molecular modeling and computational chemistry have grown rapidly in recent years to become a mainstream research "instrument" for efficiently and inexpensively elucidating the atomic-scale mechanisms underlying a wide variety of problems in product discovery, development, testing, design and manufacturing.
Key Application Areas Addressed in the Workshop
polymers & materials modeling | drug discovery & design water quality | surface fouling and interfacial adsorption processes | chemical reactions | protein structure & dynamics | water & solute transport processes
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How Our  Workshops Work:
Why go to the expense of flying your scientists around the world when we can come to you? Simply choose a convenient date and we will travel to your facility (or a nearby location) to deliver the workshop. Our rates are reasonable and flexible and we take care of all the details.

Workshop Instructor:  Harry Ridgway, PhD
Adjunct Professor, ISILC, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Ridgway is founder and CEO of AquaMem Scientific Consultants located in New Mexico, USA. He has taught molecular modeling workshops for >20 years and is recognized as a pioneer in the application of computational chemistry in water treatment applications, particularly molecular dynamics modeling of synthetic permselective membrane materials used in water reuse and desalination facilities around the globe.

This technology-transfer workshop is organized by AquaMem Scientific Consultants