International Conference on: Small-Molecule Control of Membrane Biofouling (SMCMB)


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Join us in beautiful Tucson, Arizona in March/April, 2019 for an immersive 3-day conference/symposium on "Small Molecule Control of Memebrane Biofouling" (SMCMB). Many of the world's leading experts will gather at the SMCMB Conference to discuss the game-changing science behind small-molecule control of biofilms in medicinal and industrial applications; and their use in biofouling management in membrane-mediated water treatment facilities. The meeting will focus on revolutionary discoveries and applications of potent small (signal, effector and biocidal) molecules designed to weaken or disrupt biofilms that form on the surfaces of membranes that are the cornerstone of modern water desalination and reuse practices around the globe.

University of Arizona and Downtown Tucson, Arizona, USA

Conference Purpose = to review the latest  breakthroughs in small moleculediscovery and design that is revolutionizing the science and technology of biofilm control, with a special focus on water desalination and reuse. The conference will also explore what we know about biofilms today and how they interact with modern membrane materials to degrade performance. Who Should Attend: scientists, engineers, water utility/quality managers, students, researchers, cleaning chemical companies, drug designers, membrane manufacturers, academics...and anyone interested in learning about the most recent discoveries and advances in biofilm science and control.

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The Problem: Membrane biofouling remains a serious problem for membrane based desalination and water reuse. As much as 50% of desalination and reuse energy and operational costs are attributed to biofilm avoidance technologies, such as feedwater pretreatment by MF/UF, disinfection, chemical cleaning, and reduced membrane lifetime.

The Solution: Small-molecule biofilm interventions targeting gene products involved in regulating biofilm development, communications and metabolism open new and promising vistas for coping with membrane biofouling in a cost-effective and environmentally safe manner. Such approaches, however, remain largely unexplored within in the water treatment community. This conference will therefore strive to: (1) Catalyze transdisciplinary collaborative opportunities across the water-treatment sector; and (2)  Reconnoiter novel advancements in small-molecule biofilm control.
Key SMCMB Conference Topics...
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  • Biofilm processes, development, physiology, survival,  hydrodynamics, and biofouling consequences;
  • Discovery/design of small-molecule biofilm inhibitors, including quorum-quenching and effector compounds;
  • Novel anti-fouling membrane materials and nano-scale modifications to membrane materials;
  • Breakthroughs in the science of bacterial communications and intervention for biofilm control;
  • Identification of novel and environmentally-safe "green" chemistries for biofouling control;
  • Theory and application of modern small-molecule drug discovery and design methods and strategies;
  • Case histories of successful use of small-molecule biofouling control in medicinal and industrial settings;
  • Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations for probing atomistic-scale mechanisms of bio-organic fouling;
  • Bacterial adhesion, dispersion and survival in medical and industrial biofilms;
  • Emerging oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides for biofilm and biofouling management;
  • Technologies for managing and controlling biofilms and biofouling in membrane systems.

In conjunction with the upcoming conference on Small-Molecule Control of Membrane Biofouling (SMCMB) will be a MASAR Practical and Specialized Training Course on:

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, Wednesday, 3 April 2019 (2-6 pm)

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Training Course Overview...
The advanced and specialized MASAR Practical Course offers independent, practical, user-minded and comprehensive perspectives on various critical aspects of membrane fouling and technology applications. Course content is based on extensive technical expertise and hands-on plant experience of the course instructor, Mohamad Amin Saad, President and Principal Consultant & Trainer of MASAR Technologies, Inc., of over 35 years worldwide.

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